Liberty Parks & Rec and its partners offer a variety of half-day enrichment and full-day camps for your child throughout the year.  We are now offering our Splash Camp Series available in the spring, summer and winter, and includes programs designed to develop specific skills while stimulating your child's physical, intellectual and social growth. 

Summer Camps

Youth Tech Inc.: Animation

In this class students will learn the basics of animation and digital design. Students who enjoy going to various sites to see fun interactive animations will love this course. This class will utilizes award winning animation software. Students will create fun interactive animations that they can share with the world.

Youth Tech Inc.: Video Game Design

This course provides students with a fun interactive look at the world of video game design and development. Students enrolled in this camp will learn the basics of video game design and produce several different interactive video games to share with their friends and family.

Super Hero Engineering with LEGO® 

Save the world with LEGO® Super Heroes! Build the hideouts and vehicles of your favorite caped crusaders and learn what makes them not only Super Heroes, but Super Hero Engineers! An experienced Play-Well instructor guides young heroes as they design, build, and save a city where ingenuity and imagination can solve any conflict.

Harry Potter Master Engineering using LEGO®

Master the magic of Harry Potter using LEGO®! Build Diagon Alley in preparation for your trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hop on your Broomstick and play Quidditch, duel the evil Lord Voldemort, and hone your magical skills while learning about advanced Muggle (STEM) concepts.

KC Chess Club 

The Kansas City Chess Club Camp is designed to challenge players with new material while reinforcing a solid chess foundation and encouraging the growth of positive life skills in every individual. Our daily schedule will consist of casual play, chess lesson and training exercises, competitive games, and Bughouse Chess, puzzle contests, Fischer Random and Give-Away Chess. There will be medals, chess book prizes, and a Chess Camp T-shirt for all players! You can also earn your Boy Scout chess merit badge, Cub Scout belt loop and pin while having fun! All ages are welcome. The camp is taught by The Kansas City Chess Club certified instructors!

Summer Splash

This 5-day Youth Day Camp at the Liberty Community Center is part of our Splash Camp series designed to help keep your kids busy and active during Summer break. Activities for our Splash Camps include swimming, games, gym sports, outdoor water activities, movies and more!

Youth Tech Inc.: Robotics - Battle Bots

This course offers hands-on opportunities to build and program robots. Working in small teams, students will design robotics systems to compete in fun real-world activities. Each day will bring a new challenge, and your team's robot will have to morph to better adapt and compete. Students will compete in the battle bots competition at the end of the camp to prove their robot is the best. This class is perfect for the student who has a big imagination and likes to build things.

Youth Tech Inc: Roblox Studio Programming and Game Development

Calling all ROBLOX users!  Join in with millions of gamers and immerse yourself in your own 3D world!  ROBLOX Studio is a 3D-based program that uses physics, LUA programming, and individual creativity to build a world around you, and your avatar - unlike any other software.  This course will guide students through concepts such as beginner physics, LUA programming, and game development.  Students in this course will build and published their multi-player game to share with friends and family.